Effect of Mixing Zeolites with Compost to Improve Soil Quality

Zeolites are known for their advantage on numerous aspect. They are utilized in numerous things incorporate restorative, car, and horticulture. In farming, characteristic zeolites have been utilized as feed added substance, water conditioner, soil conditioner, and in any event, for developing vehicle for hydroponics. Ranchers utilized zeolite in light of current circumstances. It could enable their plants to have more supplements or tie substantial metals that cause terrible impact on fish, or decreasing smelling salts creation from creature dung.

Advantage of normal zeolite in agribusiness have been referenced in our article previously. If you don’t mind check our article about Uses of Zeolite in Agriculture, and check our full articles at Nusagri’s Blog. In this article, we will examine about zeolite application in manure for plants. The conversation included properties of zeolite and how zeolite influence the development of plants.

Characteristic Zeolite joined well of lava ejection. Geochemists and mineralogists gauge that zeolites are the result of solidified volcanoes into volcanic rocks, sedimentary rocks and transformative rocks which in this manner experience enduring because of the impact of warmth and cold so zeolite minerals in the end shaped.

Compost has long been known as an organic fertilizer which is very important for soil fertility. Long before chemical fertilizers were used, farmers used food scraps mixed with manure as compost. The emergence of chemical fertilizers makes farmers reluctant to use compost because chemical fertilizers are far more practical and efficient. However, excessive use of chemical fertilizers without compost coupled with it turns out to have side effects reduce the ability of the soil to support plant growth. Soil tends to get harder and soil pH decreases. Improvements in technology for making chemical fertilizers also have a negative impact by reducing or even eliminating levels of micro elements that are important for plants.


The negative effects of chemical fertilizers have encouraged agricultural experts in developed countries to start advocating for the use of compost as a substitute for chemical fertilizers and contributors to organic matter in the soil. Compost contains more diverse types of nutrients including micro nutrients such as copper, iron, zinc, and manganese. The amount of soil organic matter continues to decrease due to the decomposition process. To maintain the amount in the soil it is necessary to add organic material from the outside, for example by the entry of fallen leaves into the soil. However, the process is very slow, especially on land that is used for intensive agriculture. So the addition of compost to agricultural land is an effective way to maintain soil organic matter content. Compost contains more diverse types of nutrients including micro nutrients such as copper, iron, zinc, and manganese.

The problem that arises from the use of compost is that the low content of nutrients causes the addition of compost as a source of nutrients requires very large amounts. To offset one kilogram of urea, for example, it takes about 20 kilograms of animal manure compost. That is also the availability of nitrogen isn’t as fast as urea fertilizer. In addition, the nitrogen in compost easily evaporates into the atmosphere causing a foul odor and leaching of nitrogen through rain water. More than half of the nitrogen contained in chicken manure is lost to the atmosphere if the composting process is carried out for more than 2 months in the open air.2 To improve nitrogen efficiency in animal manure, reducing nitrogen loss is an important effort both in terms of economic and environmental aspects. For the above purpose, zeolites which have the ability to absorb nitrogen are expected to reduce nitrogen loss while reducing foul odors.

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