Nusagri Zeolite As Agricultural Purpose

Benefit Of Nusagri Natural Zeolite From Indonesia for plant :

  • leaf greener, stronger stem and higher production
  • to decrease fertilizer application and improve its effectiveness
  • increase P elements available for plant
  • to neutralize soil pH
  • assist to provide micro elements
  • to eliminate poisons elements for plant
  • to improve silicate content of soil

How does AGRO-LITE works in Agriculture

In regular Urea application, only 29-45 % that could be exploited by plant, the rest is cleaned or steamed. Because of its high Cation Exchange Capacity, using AGRO-LITE could decrease Urea dosage and improve its effectiveness.

AGRO-LITE also improve P elements available for plant, by its nature of ion exchange P elements that bounded in soil could be released to make it available for plant. Thereby the usage P fertilizer could be deducted.

Solve the Problem of Silica & Micro Nutrition

Result of research showed that rice field in Indonesia have a problem in silica deficiency, though silica is a useful element and can make satisfied to the human after eating rice. The problems follow also by increasing of Fe, Al, and Mn in soil, which dangerous for plant when the elements are over.

That matters are resulted because of highly intensive application of N,P, and K fertilizer and also use prime seed varieties. By AGRO-LITE intake will increase the silica content in the soil and poison elements could be neutralized. Even the microelements will more available for plant. Beside that, because the basic substance of AGRO-LITE is high alkalinity, it has effect for pH neutralizer on soil with low pH.

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