Good Water Pond Quality with Zeolite

Fish cultivation might sound pretty simple. During this time, farmers always allocate capital for food and seed needs. However, it turns out that the influence of the fish environment is also large on the growth of freshwater fish. The pond must be cleaned regularly to provide a comfortable environment for fish. This also applies to shrimp ponds. Some fish and shrimp cannot survive in a dirty pond environment. Scientifically, the dirty environment (not good for fish and shrimp ponds) has a low oxygen content, a pH that is not neutral and contains pollutants that can poison fish and shrimp.

This is a problem for many farmers. They are not able to clean their pond as a whole because cleaning the pond requires a long time. So that Ammonia in the pond will continue to increase. Ammonia will cause changes in pond pH. Ammonia is produced from fish droppings, food scraps, dead animals and decaying dead plants in ponds. Ammonia in ponds is usually available in the form of NH3 and NH4 +. An NH3 form is a toxic form of ammonia, while NH4 + includes non-toxic ions. Ammonia will cause chemical burns in fish tissue, including wounds to the gills. When ammonia attacks the gills, the fish will also absorb it into the body. This is what will cause damage to the body of the fish. Fish will experience some symptoms of poisoning. Fish exposed to ammonia will usually make irregular jerking movements, but can also show lethargic behavior and stay underwater.

Farmer need fast and effective ways to maintain good water quality for their ponds. The pattern of fish and shrimp ponds cultivation changed after the presence of zeolite minerals. Zeolite are natural minerals made from aluminum silicate groups that are hydrated by alkali metals and alkaline earth.

Various benefits of zeolite minerals for ponds, namely:

1. Because it has a high absorption power, zeolite minerals can reduce gases in shrimp feed remaining (not eaten), as well as gases originating from the metabolism of other organisms that live at the pond bottom.

2. Zeolite minerals are able to bind heavy metals in water or pond bottom soils that can threaten the survival of fish/shrimp, such as Pb, Fe, Hg, Sn, Bi and AS.

3. Minerals contained in zeolites can restore the lost soil mineral ponds during the operational period of production so that the fertility of the subgrade ponds can be restored.

4. Because zeolites have high calcium content, shrimp in ponds can be prevented from soft skin diseases.

5. Maintaining the stability of the water temperature, as well as maintaining the degree of acidity (pH) of water in a pond.

6. Increase the level of dissolved oxygen in the water.

7. Helps the growth of phytoplankton in ponds, so that natural food for shrimp is always maintained.


The use of zeolite in ponds will improve pond water quality. Healthy pond water will make fish and shrimp grow well. Use zeolite to improve the quality of pond water. Please check the Nusagri website for information about zeolite. You can also purchase zeolite by contacting the contact on the main page.

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