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Every year, various research journals around the world, always contain zeolites for various applications, especially those directed at the aspects of improving and efficiency of industrial processes and environmental pollution… Read More

Natural zeolite is a hydrated aluminosilicate compound, with the main element consisting of alkaline cations and alkaline earth. These compounds have a three-dimensional structure and have pores that can be filled by water molecules… Read More

Zeolite natural minerals are usually still mixed with other minerals such as calcite, gypsum, feldspar, and quartz and are found in areas around the volcano or settling in hot spring areas. Zeolites are also found as sedimentary rocks in basalt type soils and their chemical composition depends on the hydrothermal conditions of the local environment… Read More

Zeolites are a group of minerals which in the sense/naming of minerals are one type of non-metal minerals or industrial mineral minerals from 50 existing types. Until now more than 50 natural zeolite forming minerals have been known, but only nine of them are often found, namely clinoptilolite, mordenite, analsim, khabasit, erionite, ferrierite, heulandite, laumonite, and filipsite. From the results of investigations that have been done, the types of zeolite minerals found in Indonesia… Read More

Human dependence on fossil fuels causes reserves of energy sources is increasingly diminishing, besides it also impacts on the environment, such as air pollution. Fossil fuels or mineral fuels are natural… Read more

Shrimp ponds are businesses in the fishery sector that involve ponds containing freshwater, saltwater, and brackish water. Shrimp is one type of filter animal so that water quality is crucial for the results obtained by farmers. Potential shrimps to be cultivated in ponds are… Read more

Ponds are part of extensive aquaculture. The pond is one type of habitat that is used as a place for brackish water aquaculture activities located in coastal areas. In general, ponds are usually directly related to the maintenance of tiger prawns, although actually there are still many species that can be… Read more

Zeolites are hydrated aluminosilicate compounds consisting of SiO4 and AlO4 tetrahydra bonds
connected by oxygen atoms to form a skeleton. In the zeolite framework, each Al atom is negative and will be neutralized by bonds with easily interchangeable cations. The easily interchangeable cations present in this zeolite framework influence the adsorption process and the thermal properties of zeolites. In addition to the type… Read more

Zeolites are known for their advantage on numerous aspect. They are utilized in numerous things incorporate restorative, car, and horticulture. In farming, characteristic zeolites have been utilized as feed added substance, water conditioner, soil conditioner, and in any event, for developing vehicle for hydroponics. Ranchers utilized zeolite in light of current circumstances. It could enable their plants to have more supplements or tie substantial… Read me

husbandry is an important aspect of our lives. Many of the products we consume daily come from animal husbandry, such as meat, eggs, wool, cheese, yogurt, and so on. Therefore, livestock business throughout the world will not be quenched. Farms are managed by farmers by raising livestock to be used as multipurpose products. Some of the most common… Read more

The most oil palm plantation area has experienced fertility degradation, both physical, chemical or biological fertility. The Journal of Palm Oil Research points out that degradation of land fertility in addition to the high productivity factor of palm oil is also caused by the loss of fertilizer nutrients because it is dissolved through water infiltration, weather changes, no soil maintenance, does not improve soil aeration and the soil no longer contains micro… Read more

Fish farming may sound really straightforward. During this time, ranchers consistently designate capital for nourishment and seed needs. In any case, for reasons unknown, the impact of the fish condition is likewise enormous on the development of freshwater fish. The lake must be cleaned consistently to give an agreeable situation… Read more

Goat is one of the livestock that has the Latin name capra Aegragus hircus. As is known, goats are livestock that have many advantages. The meat has a fairly high sale value and is valued both at home and abroad… Read more

Poultry cultivating is one of the agribusiness areas that produce poultry items, for example, eggs and meats. The item is significant in light of the fact that it utilized as cooking material or in any event, for modern material. Many individuals devoured poultry items consistently. Poultry cultivating, raising of winged creatures locally… Read more

Water is a very important need for human life, therefore if the water needs have not been met both in quantity and quality, it will have a major impact on people’s social and economic life. In terms of utilization, water use can be categorized in 2 categories, namely household water and industrial water, each of which has certain requirements. These requirements include physical, chemical and bacteriological requirements, all three requirements constitute a unity… Read more

Pigs are one of the animals with great potential to be developed in an effort to meet the need for meat. This is supported by its nature which has growth and breeding that is fast, prolific, efficient in converting feed into meat and has meat with a high percentage of carcasses. Consumers will usually pay attention to some of the characteristics that are used as a handle in choosing quality pork, among others: color, tenderness, taste, and taste after cooking. Other characteristics that… Read more

Zeolites are known for their advantage on numerous angles. They are utilized in numerous things to incorporate restorative, car, and horticulture. In agribusiness, common zeolites have been utilized as feed added substance, water conditioner, soil conditioner, for industries, for hydroponics, and in any event… Read more

Mustard is a type of green plant whose leaves are used for consumption as food. Mustard plants have short, slim stems. The main leaf vein is narrower than Chinese cabbage, but the leaves are more clay. In general, the growth pattern of the leaves is scattered so that it is difficult to form a crop… Read more

Poultry farming is one of agriculture sector that produce poultry product, such as eggs and meats. The product is very important, because it used as cooking material or even for industrial material. Lot of people consumed poultry product every day. Poultry farming, raising of winged animals locally or economically, fundamentally for meat and eggs yet additionally for quills… Read more

Waters are most important thing in our life. We can’t live without water. Living creature should depend on water. Water used to drink, wash, industries, agriculture, etc. Unfortunately, not all of water sources is clean to be used. Sometimes water contain contaminants that are so dangerous. We can’t use the water if… Read more 

Milk fever, also known as parturient paresis, is metabolic disease that often occurred in cows, especially dairy cows that have just given birth. Milk fever is caused by a hypocalcemia condition where the level of Ca in the blood is low. This disease is characterized by a decrease in the level of calcium in the blood, which normally is 9-12 mg / dl to less… Read more

Natural zeolites are known for their benefit on many aspects. They are used in many things include cosmetic, automotive, and agriculture. In agriculture, natural zeolites have been used as feed additive, water conditioner, soil conditioner, and even for growing medium for hydroponics… Read more

Zeolite’s benefit is known very versatile, even in agriculture. In agriculture, water is most important component, like water in plants, water in aquarium, and water in aquaculture. Water… Read more

Natural zeolite is mineral contain hydrated aluminosilicate with alkali and alkaline-earth. Benefit of zeolite found in many sectors in the world, include agriculture. Studies found natural zeolite have so many benefits in soil, animal feed, and water for… Read more

Zeolites are minerals that contain hydrated aluminosilicate with alkali and alkaline-earth. Zeolites have so many benefits in many sectors, especially agriculture in general. There are many studies have found… Read more 

Zeolites are minerals that contain hydrated aluminosilicate with alkali and alkaline-earth. Zeolites have so many benefits in many sectors, especially agriculture in general. There are many researches… Read more

Zeolite has numerous gainful uses from business and mechanical points of view yet additionally is useful in farming with regards to animals, for example, poultry and steers… Read more

Zeolite is a natural mineral that is genuinely novel in the domain of rock tidies. It has no inalienable supplement esteem like numerous other stone cleans, for example, carbonatite frigid stone residue contain, the two of which, similar to zeolite, were framed a huge number of years back through volcanic action… Read more

Zeolites have been progressively utilized in different application territories, for example, industry, horticulture, natural insurance, and even medication. Despite the fact that, there are no sure figures on the aggregate sum of these minerals the world, a few nations for example Cuba, USA, Russia, Japan, Italy, South Africa, Hungary and Bulgaria, have significant stores and creation possibilities. As per reports of 2001, the complete utilization of zeolites was… Read more

Zeolites are aluminosilicate minerals commonly used as adsorbents and catalyst. Zeolites produced naturally by volcanic rock and synthetically by industries. The term of zeolite was found in 1756 by Swedish mineralogist… Read more

Fish cultivation might sound pretty simple. During this time, farmers always allocate capital for food and seed needs. However, it turns out that the influence of the fish environment is also large on the growth of freshwater
fish. The pond must be cleaned regularly… Read more 

The feed is an important aspect of animal husbandry. Animal productivity is determined by what the animals eat. The more quality the feed is given, the better the productivity. The problems in the livestock industry today in addition to reducing production costs as much as possible with adequate… Read more

Zeolite is a mineral formed from tuff volcano material  that happened millions of years ago. Indonesia is rich in mineral zeolite as many volcanoes emit fine-grained pyroclastic material (tuff). The spread of these…

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leaf greener, stronger stem and higher production,to decrease fertilizer application and improve its effectiveness, increase P elements available for plant, to neutralize soil pH, assist to provide micro elements, to eliminate poisons elements for plant, to improve… Read more

Commercial breeding of fish as a source of protein generates a significant amount of business around the globe. As many species are highly sensitive to fluctuations in water temperature, pH, and levels of oxygen and nitrogen, the chemical and biological environment of aquaculture… Read more

Zeolite is used widely by livestock farmers as an animal feed additive for dairy beef, Beef Cattle, Sheep, Poultry (Egg Production and Broilers ), Because this mineral is the World’s only naturally occurring, negatively charged, have a great benefits in the feed process… Read more